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Where Can You Purchase Beneficial Auto Insurance in Manchester, NH?

Auto insurance is key to plan out before you buy a new car. With this high financial investment that you are making, you want to make sure that you are adequately protected. Many individuals choose not to have the proper insurance, and that not only puts them in legal trouble, it also becomes a detriment to the other drivers on the road as well. 

At Associated American Insurance, we believe in making sure that our clients are completely protected while on the road. We are based in Manchester, NH serving the local community since 2012. Exceeding your expectations is our goal, as we believe that every client deserves the insurance policy that will benefit them the most. Here are a few things you need to know about auto insurance necessities here in New Hampshire. 

In the state of New Hampshire, you do not have to meet a mandatory minimum car insurance amount at all. On the contrary, if you are at fault for an accident on the road (without insurance), then it is your responsibility by law to cover the medical expenses of the other driver involved. The decision on what type of coverage you get is important to know in detail. There are a variety of options to choose from, including liability, comprehensive, collision, medical payments, and full coverage insurance. When you speak with one of our agents, they will go over the different options available to you, and what each option is capable of covering for you. 

Would you like to discuss your auto insurance options with one of our agents in Manchester, NH? Please feel free to contact us via phone at (603) 203-7055. You can also reach one of our agents via e-mail, and we will reach out to you as soon as possible.

Hurricane season is almost here, is your car ready?

Before we know it, the hurricane season will be here! Accesspoint Insurance is here to help you get your car ready if Palm Beach County experiences an active season. Let’s take a look at a few tips that can help you make sure that you and your car are ready for anything. As with most catastrophes, it’s always best to be prepared for hurricane season while also hoping that it’s a quiet one.

Tips for Hurricane Preparation for Your Car

Now is the time to start thinking about hurricane preparation. Here are a few tips to get you started with getting your family car ready.

  1. Make sure to keep your car’s gas tank filled. And, at the first sign of a hurricane affecting our area, get to the gas station sooner rather than later.
  2. Find a good place to park your car. If you don’t have a garage, take the time to look around your neighborhood for a parking space that is at a high a level as possible.
  3. Review your auto insurance to make sure that it provides the coverage you need. No one wants to find out that their auto policy is insufficient for their coverage needs following a hurricane.

As we all get ready for another hurricane season, be sure to include your vehicles in your preparations. We are here to answer all of your questions and provide any guidance that you may need if you need to file a claim.

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Accesspoint Insurance is here to help you with all of your insurance needs, including auto policies. If it’s time to renew your policy, or you’d like a comprehensive review of your current Palm Beach County auto policy, contact us today.

Which Commercial Insurance Is Best for Your Business?

While every business in Florida is unique and you should be protected from specific risks you have, there are some insurance policies that every business should consider.

Liability Insurance

Liability claims are a risk for every business, which is why having the right liability insurance is important. General liability insurance helps pay for claims caused by property damage or bodily injury. Professional liability insurance helps cover lawsuits that claim you made errors in the services your business provides. For example, it can include clerical mistakes, including ones your employees make.

Property Insurance

If you have tools, equipment, technologies, and materials you need to keep your business up and running, you should consider property insurance. Despite the name, it does more than just cover the property of your business.

A business owner’s policy can combine property insurance and business liability into one policy, so you have everything you need for your coverage. An agent at Accesspoint Insurance in Palm Beach County, FL can help you fill the holes in your coverage.

Workers’ Comp

If you have employees, you need to have this coverage, with just a few exceptions. Even if you aren’t required to have it, it does provide a lot of coverage, so consider it if you have employees working for your business.

Commercial Auto

If you have a business where driving is involved, you want to consider this insurance since accidents related to work use of a vehicle may not be covered under a personal insurance policy.

When choosing the commercial insurance that is best for your business, it helps to know what you need. It also helps to understand what your policy covers. It’s not always obvious, so be sure to read it carefully and ask questions if you aren’t sure. No matter what policy you choose, review it every year to make sure it still fits the needs of your business.

Contact Accesspoint Insurance in Palm Beach County, FL to get a quote on commercial insurance. 

Determining How Much Home Insurance You Need

One of the biggest mistakes you can make when purchasing home insurance in Palm Beach County is not having enough.

Dwelling Coverage

Your dwelling coverage needs to equal the replacement cost of the home. This is the money it takes to rebuild your home. You can use online calculators or ask your agent at Accesspoint Insurance to help you figure this out based on the square footage of the home and construction costs in the area. Things that affect a home’s replacement cost include any new building codes that were set up after the home was built, remodeled kitchens, additional structures and rooms, and the rising costs associated with construction and building materials.

Personal Property

In order to figure out how much coverage you need for your personal belongings, start with a home inventory. You can begin with your bedroom and work your way to the garage. At this time, you should be taking pictures of expensive items. It may seem like a lot of time to do this but it can be helpful, especially if you do need to replace everything. There are limits to personal property coverage so if you have high-end items, you may want to get additional coverage.

Liability Coverage

Many home policies have minimums of $100,000 for liability coverage. However, you should buy more if you can. Since accidents can happen to anyone at any time, the more coverage you have, the better it will be when it comes to liability. Some dog breeds may be flagged and not covered under home insurance. Check with your agent to see if you need more coverage based on the dog you have.

Additional Living Expenses Coverage

Most policies will use a percentage of your extended dwelling coverage to calculate this. If you have a large family and think you will need more coverage for this, you can opt for greater protection.

Contact Accesspoint Insurance in Palm Beach County to get a quote on home insurance.